Former Tesla executives-led DG Innovate enters India in a JV with EVage Motors

DG innovate and evage motors

 Inderveer Singh, CEO and Founder, EVage Motors & Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO, DGI

The UK-based advanced R&D firm DG Innovate announced its entry into the electric vehicle market through a groundbreaking partnership with EVage Motors. Under the terms of the joint venture, DG Innovate will own 60% and EVage the remaining 40%. Together, they will produce electric motors with an efficiency of approximately 98.5%.

DG Innovate, founded by three former Tesla executives, is currently working on product development with several major manufacturers in the transportation and energy domains, as well as academic institutions and the United Kingdom government. “Asia is a crucial market for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, and India in particular offers advantages in terms of a top-notch manufacturing infrastructure that will enable us to launch our products quickly and affordably,” said Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO of DG Innovate

With their shared vision and innovative approach, both firms have taken a crucial step towards achieving their goal of accelerating the global transition to clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. This will allow EV customers to experience high vehicle performance, reliability, and range, fulfilling their desire for more sustainable and efficient transportation options.

The Transformative Joint Venture

This transformative joint venture between DGI and EVage Motors represents a perfect synergy of strengths, combining DGI’s cutting-edge technology with EVage’s expertise in manufacturing high-performance commercial electric vehicles. DG Innovate will partner with EVage to manufacture its proprietary Pareta electric drive system in Punjab. 

With an average range improvement of 5-7 percent on the same charge, the companies stated that they would jointly target the Asian EV market with considerably more efficient electric trucks that will have a longer lifespan and lower cost of ownership for fleet owners. 

Inderveer Singh, Founder & CEO, EVage Motors, stated in an interview that “the joint venture will supply domestic automakers with electric motors made locally and export them to Europe.” This partnership is designed to cater to various segments, including commercial vehicles, passenger cars, two-wheelers (2W), and three-wheelers (3W). By offering high-performance motors for passenger vehicles, robust solutions for commercial fleets, and advanced electric mobility platforms, the joint venture aims to meet customers’ evolving needs across all sectors.

Industry Recognition & Media Spotlight

The groundbreaking work of EVage Motors and DG Innovate has attracted the industry as well as media spotlight, highlighting the innovative approach to electric motor production. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, this partnership is poised to significantly impact the electric vehicle market in India, throughout Asia, and beyond. Some of the media houses or publications that have covered this news are:

These publications highlight the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the EV industry in India through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

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